virus attempts - was Re: Approved (Ref: 38446-263)

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Wed May 21 00:37:05 GMT 2003

Esh, Andrew wrote:
> OK, well, does somebody want to call Bill and ask him why his people are
> sending us viruses? :)

You already did when you did a reply to faked address 
support at that started this thread.

I would expect that when the mailing list managers get to it, they will 
send all of these virus delivery attempts to dave null.

I have not seen any duplicates on the sources yet.

I suspect that someone is trying to get the support at Microsoft address 
flooded with either fake bounces or people trying to complain to them by 

It can not be to get people to block the support address for incoming 
e-mail, as I think by stated policy Microsoft does not use that address 
for outgoing e-mail.

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