Browsing problem for printers on Samba3.0 a24.

Jianliang Lu at
Tue May 20 10:14:04 GMT 2003

When a user would add a printer, that was shared on Samba, on his NT machine, 
he cannot find the printers from the shared list. The problem is that the 
browsing flag of Samba does not include the SV_TYPE_PRINTQ_SERVER 
(0x00000200), so a rap API_NetServerEnum2 (104) was failed to get printer 
I think that we should put the "default_server_announce |= 
SV_TYPE_PRINTQ_SERVER;" on the routine "set_default_server_announce_type", 
because the "update_server_announce_as_printserver" was called only by the 
smbd, not nmbd, that was responsible for the browsing announcement.

Jianliang Lu
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