Bugs fix in "pdb_set_pass_changed_now" on samba3.0-alpha24.

Jianliang Lu j.lu at tiesse.com
Tue May 20 10:11:37 GMT 2003

We should apply the password restriction only for a NORMAL USER, not for a 
machine account, otherwise the joindomain will be failed! So a check of "if 
(pdb_get_acct_ctrl(sampass)&(ACB_NORMAL))" is needed in 
"pdb_set_pass_changed_now" for AP_MAX_PASSWORD_AGE and AP_MIN_PASSWORD_AGE 

I have patched the complete password policy on samba3.0 alpha22 (bad password 
attempt lockout, password history ..),  and I have also put it on the mailing 
list, but no comments from Samba Team. We would like to have these pathes 
applied to the new version of the Samba 3.0, because our applications need 
these policies.
Should I put again these patches for Samba3.0 a24 on the mailing list?

Jianliang Lu
TieSse s.p.a.
Via Jervis, 60.  10015 Ivrea (To) - Italy
j.lu at tiesse.com
luj at libero.it

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