print jobs with same file name being overwritten in print queue

Dipak Shrestha dipak at
Mon May 19 14:22:09 GMT 2003


We are using Samba 2.0.7, pretty old..
I think we have problem when printing. We allow Samba to drop the files
it receives from a PC for printing in /tmp directory before it sends them
to the printer.

But it saves the file with some kind of "generic" name, for example
Microsoft_Wordthesis.doc so if at a given time 2 persons submit a
print job for a file called thesis.doc, the second file will overwrite
the first one, and only the second get printed (twice).

With Acrobat, it tries to use the URL as a file name, but when the URL
is more than 32 characters, it truncs it to use only 28 characters,
plus dot, plus 3 characters of the file extension: for example

So if you print several PDF documents from a same site, and you don't
wait for one document to get out of the queue before you submit the
second, the second overwrites the first one.

It should save the jobs with some "unique" identifier (using date and
time, process ID, or something). Does newer versions of
Samba correct this? Is there a way to correct this without upgrading to
later version?


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