more Updates to the Printing Chapter of HOWTO Collection

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Mon May 19 01:49:27 GMT 2003


I have updated the Draft for the Printing Chapter of the new Samba 3.0
HOWTO-Collection. The version now is 0.94beta9. (That means I regard it
as 94% finished.... hmmm, the last 6% seem to be harder than the first
60   ;-)

It is available at

A PDF version (for convenient printing) is also there.

This is from the document's Changelog:

      06-05-2003: a lot of typos corrected -- most is spellchecked now
                  checked some of my recipes (they still worked ;-)
                  wrote a few sentences about printing *from* Samba *to* CUPS
                  include more rundll32 examples (one using also "runas")

      17-05-2003: integrated most of the feedback comments from various people.
                  A lot of feedback from Ken Sarkies -- thanks a lot!
                  Ciprian Vizitiu crafted the PNG flowcharts from my original ASCII art. Wow!
                                         (a few bugs and typos in the PNGs need to be corrected.)

The Samba 3.0 HOWTO-Collection is due for publication alongside
the Samba 3.0 software release, probably sometime in May/June.
The complete collection of docus is already greatly enhanced and
extended, compared to the 2.2.x versions, and so is the printing
part. (BTW, most of this is valid for 2.2.x printing too...)

You can help to further polish it: read it - use it - test its advices
& recipes - feed your suggestions back to me. Especially useful at
this point are checks for the accuracy of descriptions regarding
Windows 2000 + Windows NT (and even Windows 9x) clients. Since I
have done most of the work with WinXP clients, you should check
if the docu is usable for WinNT/2K too. Also, my Windows UI is German
and error messages pop up in German -- so had to translate it into
English. Please check for inaccurately translated strings and

The most recent PDF version of the complete HOWTO Collection is
(until final release) available at

and also in the Samba HEAD CVS. (Note that this does not yet
include my Samba Printing HOWTO. The printing chapter(s) contained
there will be completely replaced.)


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