3.0alpha24: make bug (or more...)

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Thu May 15 13:29:41 GMT 2003

I grabbed 3.0alpha24 this morning and began to build it, and quickly hit a
bug.  (Our platform is Sun/Solaris8 but the bug is a general one.)  I
logged a patch (bugzilla 83), but it looks as though one bug leads to
another and so on...

The problem (or connected string of them) probably won't affect a simple
"builddir == srcdir" configuration.

But for those sites (e.g. with multiple architectures) which use multiple
"builddir", separate from each other and from "srcdir", the start of this
potentially long string is immediately evident.

In trying to fix and provide patches for these problems, I uncovered what
seems to be a systematic problem in Makefile.in's use of autoconf's
"srcdir"  and "builddir" around "proto.h" and the new (at alpha24)

I would very much like to help fix this problem, and to do so cleanly.
But during this I would need the advice of the people responsible for
maintaining "Makefile.in", "script/mkproto.sh", "script/mkproto.awk" etc.

We could easily do this on samba-technical, but to most folks (with
"builddir == srcdir") the ensuing discussion would probably be annoying

Could the relevant person (persons) please contact me?

For the curious:

  cd source
  mkdir builddir_1
  cd builddir_1
  ../configure  <... your favourite --options>

The "make" will fail, unable to write "smbd/build_options.c" because
directory "builddir_1/smbd" does not exist.  That is easily fixed by the
one-line patch in bugzilla 83.

But then the fun starts, and the string seems to get longer, as it cannot
completely build "include/proto.h".  (And I think there is a philosophical
mistake in its trying to build it in "$(srcdir)": it ought to be in
"$(builddir)".  Etc.)


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