unicode & ldap

Alex Deiter tiamat at komi.mts.ru
Thu May 15 11:59:45 GMT 2003

I'm running samba-3a24 and see errors on change 'displayName' attribute:

# pdbedit -u aaa -f 'english'
Full Name:            english
# pdbedit -u aaa -f 'русский'
Full Name:            русский
# pdbedit -u aaa -f 'new'
failed to modify user dn= uid=aaa,ou=users,dc=komi,dc=mts,dc=ru with: No
such attribute
        modify/delete: displayName: no such value
failed to modify user with uid = aaa, error: modify/delete: displayName: no
such value (Success)
Unable to modify entry!


        dos charset = 866
        unix charset = KOI8-R
        display charset = KOI8-R
        passdb backend = ldapsam

Any ideas ?


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