General Modules

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu May 15 06:33:48 GMT 2003

Hi all,

as discussed on IRC I want to add a new SMB_SUBSYSTEM(GENERAL)

for general modules, like the combined ldap module for idmap and pdb.

The question is should I place the general modules in $libdir/ or in 
$libdir/general/ ?

I also want to add 

so for idmap ldap it would be


that should place a symlink

in $libdir/idmap/ the points to ../general/ (./


This will fix the smb_probe_module() for backends like ldapsam_compat or 
samstrict ...

I'll send a patch for that later, I have to test it a bit more...

(What we should need also here is smb_register_*() dummy fn's in binaries 
that aren't
linked to a subsystem.
Any ideas how to do this "non-ugly"? (Since Andrew forced Jelmer to revert 
a patch for this))

Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze at> 

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