Problem with msdfs and fully qualified referral hostnames

John P Janosik jpjanosi at
Wed May 14 18:27:33 GMT 2003

Shirish -

If you specify the netbios target first, both Win95 and XP/2000 clients
work.  The only problem is that Win95 has a bug where if it tries to access
a FQDN in a referral you get misleading blue screen that says:

Invalid VxD dynamic link call from VREDIR(01) + 00006CCE to device "VNBT
", service 2.
Your Windows configuration is invalid.  Run the Windows Setup program again
to correct this problem.

To continue running Windows press Y or Enter.  To quit the current program
press N.  If you continue running Windows, your system may become unstable.
Do you want to continue.

I do not have a Win98 or WinME box to see if they have the same problem.  I
am going to keep running the patch I sent to avoid confusing Win95 users if
they happen to try to access a server that is down for maintenance.

John Janosik
IBM Global Services SDC Northeast
Rochester Server Support, AFS/DFS Team
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If you specify two targets in the msdfs link, one with a FQDN and one with
a netbios name, do XP and Win9X clients both work?

On Fri, 9 May 2003, John P Janosik wrote:

>We have run into a problem with msdfs support in Samba 2.2.8a when trying
>to support both win9x and NT/2K/XP clients.  We originally set up the
>symlinks with the netbios names of the servers so that both Win9x and
>NT/2K/XP clients could use our msdfs root.  This was OK because the
>were set up to use WINS servers that could resolve these names.  Now there
>are XP clients at other sites configured to use different or no WINS
>servers that would like to access our msdfs root.
>I made the following change to allow us to use fully qualified DNS names
>our msdfs symlinks without breaking Win9x clients.  Does anyone see a
>problem with this patch.  Could a change like this be added to Samba 3.0?
>[root at rchsker msdfs]# diff -u msdfs.c.orig msdfs.c
>--- msdfs.c.orig        Thu Apr 17 13:35:19 2003
>+++ msdfs.c     Fri May  9 14:31:15 2003
>@@ -141,7 +141,24 @@
>                        *p = '\\';
>                pstrcpy(reflist[i].alternate_path, "\\");
>-               pstrcat(reflist[i].alternate_path, alt_path[i]);
>+               if(get_remote_arch() == RA_WIN95) {
>+                       /*Only pass the short hostname to older Windows
>+                         Hopefully this is also the netbios name */
>+                       char *r,*q = strchr(alt_path[i],'\\');
>+                       if(q == NULL)
>+                               return False;
>+                       *q = '\0';
>+                       r = strchr(alt_path[i],'.');
>+                       if(r != NULL)
>+                               *r = '\0';
>+                       pstrcat(reflist[i].alternate_path, alt_path[i]);
>+                       pstrcat(reflist[i].alternate_path, "\\");
>+                       pstrcat(reflist[i].alternate_path, q+1);
>+               } else
>+                       pstrcat(reflist[i].alternate_path, alt_path[i]);
>                reflist[i].proximity = 0;
>                reflist[i].ttl = REFERRAL_TTL;
>                DEBUG(10, ("parse_symlink: Created alt path: %s\n",
>John Janosik
>IBM Global Services SDC Northeast
>Rochester Server Support, AFS/DFS Team
>jpjanosi at

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