LDAP Attributes

Tilo Lutz TiloLutz at gmx.de
Wed May 14 09:22:36 GMT 2003


I'm member of a team trying to
create an php-frontend ro manage Samba-Accounts in ldap
(http://lam.sourceforge.net). We will release an alpha
version this month.
I have a question about attributes used by samba.
Many of them are "currently unused" like userworkstations,
logonTime, domain, ......
Where can I find the syntax for these values?
I'm also very confues about which values are valid and which
not because there are many different versions
vs http://www.unav.es/cti/ldap-smb/ldap-smb-2_2-howto.html
I'm a little bit confused about all these different schemas.
Can you help me to get a complete and valid list,
laos with attributes used in future wirh correct syntax?

Tilo Lutz

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