AIX 5.2 / 2.2.8a / 64 Bit

Heinrich Mislik Heinrich.Mislik at
Tue May 13 09:18:07 GMT 2003


I tried to build Samba 2.2.8a with 64 Bit in AIX 5.2 using

CC=cc CFLAGS=-q64 ./configure

cc is IBMs vac.C

The resulting binaries where completly useless and did only cord dump.

The reason is, that configure defines -D_LINUX_SOURCE_COMPAT. I 
couldn't find anything, what this option is good for, but in 
combination with -q64 it breaks malloc by truncating the pointers to 
32 bit. After rebuilding with

CC=cc CFLAGS='-q64 -U_LINUX_SOURCE_COMPAT' ./configure

It seems to work. 

Any hints, why -D_LINUX_SOURCE_COMPAT is used?
Comment in says "## for funky AIX compiler using 
but I couldn't figure out, what that means.


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