Question about schema and domain

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Thu May 8 08:20:09 GMT 2003

In the new schema the ntSid replaces the rid. The

the question is:

if the domain attr should be unique or may be a domain entry by each 
domain where the user may log?

if not, as the domain_SID must be provided in the ntSid, may the domain 
attr removed from the schema?

the new schema:
objectclass ( NAME 'sambaAccount' SUP top AUXILIARY
         DESC 'Samba Auxilary Account'
         MUST ( uid $ ntSid )
         MAY  ( cn $ lmPassword $ ntPassword $ pwdLastSet $ logonTime $
                logoffTime $ kickoffTime $ pwdCanChange $ pwdMustChange 
$ acctFlags $
                displayName $ smbHome $ homeDrive $ scriptPath $ 
profilePath $
                description $ userWorkstations $ primaryGroupID $ domain ))


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