RID, PrimaryGID in LDAP

Chaz chaz at ne-worcs.ac.uk
Wed May 7 07:28:01 GMT 2003

"Michael Tang" <michael.tang at bullinfo.com.hk> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> I found out two attribues in LDAP.  RID, PrimaryGID.  Could you explain
> is it and what value should I should put in if I am in a very standalone
> environment. i.e. No need to care the existing windows server. Just one
> openldap server and one/some samba server on Linux.
> Regards,
> Michael


RID is equal to (UID*2)+1000. This is required for machine accounts, and is
not needed for user accounts. If the RID is incorrect, the machine will not
be able to join the doma. PrimaryGID is the id of the primary group the
account is in. You will need to create a group (posixGroup schema).



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