Sambatechnical Make ebay work for you

Ginette Boyd madge37 at
Tue May 6 11:15:55 GMT 2003

Dear Sambatechnical,

If ebay isn't a cash cow for you, but you have been trying to makeit one, then =
take an hour and attend our live and online conference that shows you the =
insider trading and auctioning secrets of ebay. Our seminars are the hottest =
thing on the web today. People who attend them truly do learn how to be using =
ebay to generate real profits. So  click away and maybe we will save your ebay =

Also, the website is equipped with deletions services.

Oh and you know what else? We give you the coolest ebay toolkit you've ever =
seen,most compnies sell it, we just give it to you when you attend the seminar.=
 It is worth around 300 dollars. So you are gonna walk away with lots of great =
ideas and ebay tools. 


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