smbgroupedit/pdbedit in SAMBA_3 behavior

Guillaume LACHENAL glachenal at
Tue May 6 09:29:06 GMT 2003

Ignacio Coupeau wrote:
> Guillaume LACHENAL wrote:
>> First, let me thank you for your "Samba (v.3) PDC LDAP howto"
>> Did you solve/workaround the problem below w/ 3.0a23, or should we 
>> consider groupmapping broken in this release ?
>> Is the only solution switch to CVS or wait the a24 ?
> yes, the CVS runs with groupmapping... but before use groupmap you need 
> create the posixGroups entries to map them.

I think your doc has to be update in order to state more accuratly about 
the group mapping status in 3.0alpha23

> In a week perhaps a beta is launched.
> BTW, the "net" utility may be renamed to "netsmbadmin" or similar.

Here is a patch which fix the note and also some other things :

- update the toc in order to match all content names
- update the toc in order to match the content order
- remove the duplicated paragraph 'A note about charsets'
- remove the <base href> tag.
- switch full URL <a href> for 'back to the toc' to relative ones.
  (browsing a local copy of this document is now OK)
- fix some bad <a href> in the toc
- fix the <title> tag
- add entries for 'Import from /etc/passwd ', 'Migrating from 
smbpasswd', 'A note about mandatory profiles' and 'Password sync' in the toc
- update the note about 3.0alpha23 in the group mapping section

As diff and patch are not standard commands in Win2K, I can supply you 
the patched .html if you prefer.



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