Slow printing in samba3-alpha23

Kristis Makris kristis.makris at
Mon May 5 22:35:35 GMT 2003

Here is some more related information I can provide to this problem.
Besides printing being slow, opening a Word document also takes forever
to load. I had originally experienced this by opening files from a samba
share, and did receive some oplock_break messages that I suppressed by
disabling oplocks, level2 oplocks and kernel oplocks completely. Still
opening MS Office documents in particular was be unacceptably slow.

As I discovered, opening the exact same file from the local disk would
still be terribly slow on some machines but not others. The only
difference I noticed between two different machines was the printer
desgnated as a Default Printer. The machine that was using a samba
shared printer as the default printer would take > 30 seconds (and I
would see the same se_access_check messages in the logs) to open a
document that the other machine would (~4 seconds).

There's definitely something wrong in the interactions of Word+Excel
with samba3-alpha23 printer shares. Using the RH7.3 samba-2.2.7-3.7.3
samba package to make available printer shares solved this problem.  I
hope this will help someone who cannot explain why opening a local file
takes forever.

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