Problem with winbind on Solaris 8 with LDAP patch 108993-18

Edgar, Bob Bob.Edgar at
Mon May 5 16:07:12 GMT 2003

This patch back-ports the Solaris 9 LDAP functionality to Solaris 8.

After the patch is applied the winbind entries in /etc/nsswitch.conf
no longer work.
   passwd:     files winbind nisplus
   group:      files winbind nisplus

In fact, with the patch and the winbind entry, simple logins don't work.
I haven't had a chance to test winbind functionality on Solaris 9 but I
suspect it doesn't work there at all.

The problem seems to be that nsswitch.conf doesn't support an arbitrary
data source. From the manual page on Solaris 8:

     The following sources may be used:

     Source                   Uses
     files                    /etc/hosts,          /etc/passwd,
                              /etc/inet/ipnodes, /etc/shadow
     nis                      NIS(YP)
     nisplus                  NIS+
     ldap                     LDAP
     dns                      Valid only for  hosts;  uses  the
                              Internet Domain Name Service.
     compat                   Valid only for passwd and  group;
                              implements   "+"   and  "-".  See
                              Interaction with +/- syntax.
     user                     Valid only for  printers;  imple-
                              ments         support         for
     xfn                      Valid only for  printers;  imple-
                              ments  support  for  FNS  printer
                              contexts. Provided to allow tran-
                              sition away from FNS printer con-

But, further on in the same page:
     A source named SSS is implemented by a shared  object  named that resides in /usr/lib.

     Misspelled names of sources and databases will be treated as
     legitimate  names  of  (most likely nonexistent) sources and

Has anyone got any good ideas about what to do here? Perhaps a request
for enhancement to Sun? Maybe it's a bug because it used to work?


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