[PATCH] New VFS Interface

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at metzemix.de
Mon May 5 15:38:59 GMT 2003

At 15:13 05.05.2003 +0200, Rainer Link wrote:

>I've to admit I had no look at these patches yet.
>>3_0-vfs-core: Includes the core vfs interface changes.
>>   1.) pass a vfs_handle_struct to each vfs operation
>>   2.) store a function AND handle pointer for each operation
>>        in the vfs_ops struct.
>>   3.) access the vfs_ops operations through macros:
>>        VFS_*, VFS_OPAQUE_*, VFS_NEXT_*
>>   4.) remove 'vfs options' and 'vfs path' parameter
>Sorry, but why is 'vfs path' removed? Seems I missed the reasoning for 
>that in the discussion (the removal of 'vfs options' is clear to me).

'vfs path' is removed because we don't specify filenames anymore in 'vfs 
(the parameter has changed from 'vfs object' to 'vfs objects', but 'vfs 
object' still works.

'vfs options' is removed,because we now allow more then one module and we 
have the parametrical options now.

and because of this (smbd/vfs.c):
/* VFS options not quite working yet */

#if 0

   handle the interpretation of the vfs option parameter
static BOOL handle_vfs_option(char *pszParmValue, char **ptr)

and as all modules need to be converted anyway they should use the 
lp_parm_*() functions.

>>3_0-vfs-skel:       Convert the skel example module:
>>            we now have a skel_tranparent and skel_opaque
>>                example
>>                    and a configure.in/Makefile.in script to the skel modules
>>            witch can be used to 3rd party developer for there vfs modules
>>            it takes --with-samba-source for specifying the samba source
>>            tree path.
>>            --enable-developer and --enable-debug
>>           and --with-fhs
>>           are allowed like for the main samba configure
>>           the modules are installed to $(libdir)/vfs
>Fine :-)
>>vfs.xml:  This is not a patch only a file...
>>          The Documentation for the new VFS interface
>>          for the Samba-Developer-Guide
>>          (This is not completely finished, but people can work with it)
>best regards,
>Rainer Link

Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze at metzemix.de> 

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