[PATCH] New VFS Interface

Rainer Link rainer at openantivirus.org
Mon May 5 13:13:07 GMT 2003


I've to admit I had no look at these patches yet.

> 3_0-vfs-core: Includes the core vfs interface changes.
>   1.) pass a vfs_handle_struct to each vfs operation
>   2.) store a function AND handle pointer for each operation
>        in the vfs_ops struct.
>   3.) access the vfs_ops operations through macros:
>        VFS_*, VFS_OPAQUE_*, VFS_NEXT_*
>   4.) remove 'vfs options' and 'vfs path' parameter

Sorry, but why is 'vfs path' removed? Seems I missed the reasoning for 
that in the discussion (the removal of 'vfs options' is clear to me).

> 3_0-vfs-skel:       Convert the skel example module:
>            we now have a skel_tranparent and skel_opaque
>                example
>                    and a configure.in/Makefile.in script to the skel 
> modules
>            witch can be used to 3rd party developer for there vfs modules
>            it takes --with-samba-source for specifying the samba source
>            tree path.
>            --enable-developer and --enable-debug
>           and --with-fhs
>           are allowed like for the main samba configure
>           the modules are installed to $(libdir)/vfs

Fine :-)

> vfs.xml:  This is not a patch only a file...
>          The Documentation for the new VFS interface
>          for the Samba-Developer-Guide
>          (This is not completely finished, but people can work with it)



best regards,
Rainer Link

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