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Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Mon May 5 09:53:33 GMT 2003

> The new 'net' command has created another problem also. Several NetBIOS
> implmentations on Unix already implement a net command. In effect we have
> created a command line tool set name space conflict. Thous could have been
> avoided by calling the tool 'smbnet'.

I would be interested to know the exact purpose of the 'net' command
in Samba too.  In Windows it is very messy, and has different purposes
(SMB/cifs, controlling processes/services, other completely
non-network-related things, listing information, administering the
machine), which seems to be much of historic reasons.  Originally I
supposed Samba's 'net' command was supposed to imitate as much of
this, but now I ain't sure.  (Can 'net use' be used instead of
'smbmount' on systems which support it?)

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