[Samba] RE: Problem in Samba

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at snapappliance.com
Fri May 2 16:36:14 GMT 2003

> Hi,
> I am facing a unique problem in Samba and would be very 
> grateful if any one can help me out.

In the future send these types of questions only to samba at lists.samba.org,
not samba-technical at lists.samba.org
> I have installed Samba at my Unix server( Running HP-UX 
> 10.20). Through one of the PC's in the network I am able to 
> access the shares on the server, but through all other PC's 
> when I try to log into the unix server it gives a error 
> message -- "Account not authorised to login from this station" 
> Since I am able to access from one PC I see no reason why it 
> should not work from other PC's. Kindly help me out.
> Regards
This error is sometimes because the user account on the domain controller is
set for User May Log On To These Workstations: (list of workstations) 

If this is set for your user, and you want to be able to access your Samba
Server from all network clients, set User May Log On To All Workstations on
the user account in the Domain Controller's User Manager.

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