[Samba] Update to Printiing Chapter for Samba 3.0 HOWTO Collection available

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Fri May 2 23:26:31 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 08:55, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:

> I am glad that you offered your help and advice. (Since you didn't use
> a real e-mail address then, I couldn't get in direct touch with you
> since. And searching the CUPS newsgroup website is a pain -- dead-slow
> and not turning up much; I think I'll file a RFE on the STR site about
> it tonight...  ;-)

Actually it was a real email address, just munged with words in all caps
(like NO and SPAM) to slow down the spammers in their automated address
As for searching the CUPS newsgroup from the web interface you are right
- it is dog slow. I tried it today to find some information while at a
clients, finally gave up the ghost and set up an account in a newsreader
app to find it.

> > It should be mentioned that this technique is not Samba, nor CUPS
> > specific.
> OK. I'll re-assess the context. (Anyway, I think it is clear that it is
> not CUPS specific, since I'm placeing it in the "6." chapter, which is
> headlined "'Classical' Printing Support in Samba"....)

It really belongs in Windows docs<g>. Sometimes it seems you can learn
more about Windows reading the Samba list than you can reading a Windows
list. Maybe there should be a special place in the docs for such
material as, "Windows stuff that you should know" and "Windows stuff
you'd like to know"; misc. information that helps one use Samba
effectively but yet is not Samba specific.

> > The text follows, I'll preface my comments with "*tcg>".
> > ===================================================================
> > 6.8. Adding Printers upon Logon without User Interaction
> > The ideas sketched out below are inspired by the Microsoft Knowledgbase
> > article from:
> > 
> > *tcg> I've used PrintUIEntry in practice for some time. I'm not sure if
> > "ideas sketched out" is apropos.
> I used that because the quoted lines are *not* a complete logon script.

In the specific case I used them they were not the complete logon script
but they could be a complete logon script. There's no requisite
information missing that would prevent such a script from running.

> > The
> > "via Samba" part at the end is not wholly correct (PrintUIEntry can
> > install/delete virtually any printer, local
> hmmm... *I* didn't get the local ones installed with "rundll32
> PrintUIEntry....".
> To me it only seemed to work with opening a print path to a printer which
> is already installed on a print server.
> Might have to do with privileges here too. May be fixed with a change
> in the local policy of my XP box. Haven't looked into it.

If the user doesn't have the rights to do it manually then PrintUIEntry
will fail as well. A person with straight "Domain User" privileges
cannot install a local printer but can make a connection to a network

If an admin (user logged on with admin rights), from the console, adds a
local printer it will be available to all users, if the admin adds a
network printer it will only be available to that user. The use of
PrintUIEntry in a logon script does not change the basic way these
operations work.

> > I have used it with both Win2k and
> > WinXP clients. It also works with local printers (the arguments are
> > slightly different).
> OK -- I'll tell you what I used to try and install printers locally:
>     rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "PrinterInstaTest" /f %windir%\inf\ntprint.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "Xerox 3006"
> It didn't work. I didn't have a chance to put much energy into debugging
> this. I am "Administrator" on this box. I got a message "procedure couldn't
>   be completed" (back-translated by myself into English).

You may want to examine the example in the quoted MS text:

This example adds an Agfa printer driver and creates a logical printer
on a computer named SERVER.

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ia /c\\server /m "AGFA-AccuSet v52.3"
/h "Intel" /v "Windows 2000" /f %windir%\inf\ntprint.inf 

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "Test Printer" /c\\SERVER /f
"%windir%\inf\ntprint.inf" /r "lpt1:" /m "AGFA-AccuSet v52.3"

...first the driver is installed, then the printer. Also the computer is
directly named.

> You are invited to contribute a whole new wording for the entire section
> (with me as one of the referees...   ;-)

If I get the time to come up with something I'll send it to you.

> > As a sidenote, until the CUPS
> > driver is fixed (http://www.cups.org/str.php?L29), it may be better to
> > stick with a raw queue.
> Samba has a few bugs left too, but I don't advocate to "stick with another
> OS" therefore....

Right, you work around the bugs. I'm still using CUPS, just a raw queue
instead of their PS driver.

> Seriously, the #29 STR bug hits not *everyone*. It doesn't prevent printing
> (it just slows it down under certain circumstances, and if you print
> multiple copies).

But multiple copies in kind of volume environment will produce terrible
backlogs and tie the queue up for a long time (too long). It was just an
aside to give a heads up to those who experience this, not know why, and
replace CUPS as the solution, instead of just using a raw queue.

> > This procedure installs printers *per user*, not per client machine
> > (since it is bound to the user's personal logon script).
> > 
> > *tcg> it's not because it is bound to the user's logon script, it's the
> > way Windows works.
> ...or rather because of what the actual commands do which are in the logon
> script....  ?

No, as above, it works the same way if you add printers sitting at the

> ...and a network printer is what we install here (and that is what's the
> purpose of Samba supporting printing, isn't it?).

Yes, but this is really Windows stuff here, nothing Samba specific. 

> >  Note that the second line only works if the printer "infotec2105-PS" is
> > already installed under that same name on "sambacupsserver" as a UNIX
> > printer, and if the printer drivers have sucessfully been uploaded (via
> > APW or "cupsaddsmb") into the [print$] driver repository of Samba.
> > 
> > *tcg> I believe that as long as Samba is exporting(sharing) the printer
> > and a valid driver is available the Windows installation will happen -
> You *might* be right. However, I remember it for me failing when I tried.
> This could have two reasons:
>    * my own incompetence
>    * the close integration of Samba/CUPS (linking of libcups.so to smbd)
>      might lead to Samba checking for the existence of the printqueue
>      (I am no programmer and haven't checked if I find comments in the
>      source code to this effect.)
> However I *know* it works if you proceed like I described.

It works as I stated. Just tested it to make sure.

> > even if the printer does not exist in the printing subsystem. The name,
> > as well, can also be different.
> I am not sure here for CUPS. (And CUPS doesn't support alias names for
> printers).

I'm sure because I've done this. In fact it was even with the CUPS
drivers and using cupsaddsmb. The very last command of cupsaddsmb failed
because it assumes the printer names are the same (as they would be if
one is using the [printers] share). So I just manually ran the last
rpcclient setdriver command, adjusting the names appropriately.

Best regards,


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