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Thu May 1 13:17:56 GMT 2003

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On Thu, 1 May 2003, Mads Toustrup wrote:

> Hi,
> This is meant for Samba3.0 developers. I dont know if this is the right
> place to ask ... but here goes.
> I've set up a samba fileserver which authenticates its users by using
> Winbind against a Active Directory.
> It seems that there is a bug with this. It looks like Samba sometimes has
> problems with authenticating users from groups.
> An example.
> User1 is a member of Group1
> If i set Valid user = @"Group1" ... Now i log in as User1 ... and then i
> doesn't work. But if i make Group1 a member of Group2 and set Valid user =
> @"Group 2" ... That means i am using group2 like a kind of proxy group....
> and then it works... Isn't this wierd?
> Also when i tried to set up another fileserver. Then Valid user = @"Group 2"
> didn't work (while it still works on the first server) ... but on this
> server Group1 works directly.
> At this very moment i have 3 servers with Samba3.0 working and running with
> about 500 users. I have managed to work around this bug, but it makes no
> sense to me at all. Hope it will be fixed sometime =o)
> Greetings from
>  Mads / Denmark

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