passdb lookups directly in winbindd? [was Re: winbind on PDC for trusted domains]

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sun Jun 29 03:52:46 GMT 2003

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On 29 Jun 2003, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Anyway, I'm going to test out the various patches today, and see if I
> can both better understand what it being proposed, and how to solve it.

I've spent most of this weekend testing various configurations.  See the 
commit message for things that still don't work (because we weren't able
to test them until now).  I spoke with Jeremy and decided the code
didn't need to wait any longer.  I tested you cases and everything works 
ok right now.

We need more testing and the domain trust support needs more work.
I've haven't dug into the recent failures to see what is going on.

Also, the auth layer lacks the capability to say that a module
is authoritative for a user.  I put in a quick hack to get past the
specific delays I was seeing, but this needs a good solution.

3.0beta2 will be a good release as it stands now.  I'll do more testing 
next week.  I have some more DC location issues to fix up in 
auth_domain.c tonight.

cheers, jerry
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