VFS MODULES on AIX segfaulting

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at metzemix.de
Wed Jun 25 17:41:41 GMT 2003

His is AIX 5.1 and gcc 2.9

with extd_audit staticly linked to smbd it works fine...

Has anyone share samba modules working on AIX ?

At 09:48 25.06.2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Here are the results with log level = 2 vfs:10.  This is with just the
>extd_audit module in vfs_objects for the share.
>The backtrace, looks about the same:
>#0  0xd01e8998 in waitpid ()
>#1  0xd01dd720 in system ()
>#2  0x1001d04c in smb_panic (why=0x10260c30 "internal error") at 
>#3  0x10197d14 in fault_report (sig=11) at lib/fault.c:41
>#4  0x10197dc0 in sig_fault (sig=-1) at lib/fault.c:61
>#5  <signal handler called>
>#6  0xd2ab906c in smb_register_vfs ()
>#7  0xd2aba644 in init_module () at modules/vfs_extd_audit.c:329
>#8  0x100468fc in smb_load_module (module_name=0x2ff1ffd0
>"/usr/local/samba/lib/vfs/extd_audit.so") at lib/module.c:54
>#9  0x10046bfc in smb_probe_module (subsystem=0xffffffff <Address 
>0xffffffff out
>of bounds>, module=0x20078328 "extd_audit") at lib/module.c:99
>#10 0x100f8754 in vfs_init_custom (conn=0x203d87a8, vfs_object=0x0) at
>#11 0x100f8c10 in smbd_vfs_init (conn=0x20078328) at smbd/vfs.c:316
>#12 0x10167010 in make_connection_snum (snum=0, vuser=0x201180e8, 
>= 0x200776d8 "", length = 1, free = 0x2000dd9c <__dbargs+1136>}, 
><Address 0xffffffff out of bounds>, status=0x7fffff) at smbd/service.c:580
>#13 0x1016800c in make_connection (service_in=0x2ff22328 "SFA", 
>password={data =
>0x200776d8 "", length = 1, free = 0x2000dd9c <__dbargs+1136>}, pdev=0xffffffff
><Address 0xffffffff out of bounds>, vuid=100, status=0x2ff22938) at
>#14 0x1004ad9c in reply_tcon_and_X (conn=0x2ff22438, inbuf=0x200d5798 "",
>outbuf=0x200f5be8 "", length=88, bufsize=131072) at smbd/reply.c:262
>#15 0x10048a54 in switch_message (type=117, inbuf=0x200d5798 "",
>outbuf=0x200f5be8 "", size=8388607, bufsize=8388607) at smbd/process.c:758
>#16 0x10048b80 in construct_reply (inbuf=0x200d5798 "", outbuf=0x200f5be8 "",
>size=88, bufsize=131072) at smbd/process.c:788
>#17 0x10049038 in process_smb (inbuf=0x20003df8 "", outbuf=0x200f5be8 "") at
>#18 0x10049eac in smbd_process () at smbd/process.c:1315
>#19 0x1000238c in main (argc=536896000, argv=0x2000acd0) at smbd/server.c:890
>#20 0x10000204 in __start ()
>log.smbd is attached.
>-Steve <<log.smbd>>

Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze at metzemix.de> 

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