PrinterDriverData on Samba server

Pradeepa Venkatswamy pradeepa.venkatswamy at
Wed Jun 25 15:55:15 GMT 2003

We are using samba 2.2.8a.We are facing problem while printing.
1.The printer driver we are using is depending on PrinterDriverData
2.Samba sever cannot get PrinterDriverData information at the time of
uploading the drivers.
But we have found how to solve this problem in samba-technical mail
ie PrinteDriverData information is made present on the samba server
while downloading the driver ie
DrvPrinterEvent=PRINTER_EVENT_ADDCONNECTION event will be generated
which sends SetDriverData request and thus samba server maintains this
information on ntdrivers.tdb. 
3.But ,now in case of NT/2K server Scenario,this PrinterDriverData
information is maintained at Client PC as well as NT/2K server.
But , in samba server scenario,the information is maintained only on the
samba server and not on Client PC.So printing is failing.
When we manually update registery of clientPC for
printerdriverdata,printing is just working fine.Now how to solve this
problem from samba end?
Thank You,


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