WINS problems in combination with profiles and samba as PDC

Marc Groot Koerkamp marc at
Wed Jun 25 01:48:57 GMT 2003


When i tried to upgrade my samba PDC controller i experienced serious
problems with profiles.

The previous install on a different server (2.2.6, BIND 8) works perfectly.
The NT40 client got a wins address via dhcp and everything works brilliant.

The new RH9 install with BIND 9 is a different story.

All workstations are domain member of samba 2.2.8a (also tried latest 3.0
CVS) and all users can login. The login scripts on the netlogin share are
loaded correct.

The only problem is that I get an error message about a slow connection
and when I want to retrieve the profile I cannot access it.

To my big surprise there was one PC in the network that actually works.
Looking at the tcpip settings I found out that there was a static entry
for a winsserver which pointed to a non existent address. The PC couldn't
make use of wins and all other pc's do make use of wins (valid address).

I tried to adapt dhcpd.conf according the manual but it didn't work. Final
solution for me at this moment is removing the dhcp.conf line for the wins
server and my clients get one warning about a slow network connection but
the profile is retrieved correctly.

Did I make stupid mistakes or did samba change the pre-login stage when
the clients are seeking a domain controller?

For the record: The winsserver in the network is the described sambaserver
and wins support = Yes. Of course wins server isn't configured in


Marc Groot Koerkamp.

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