Making more use of LDAP

Jong jongchoi at
Mon Jun 23 16:13:06 GMT 2003

The LDAP content synchronization may deserve attention.
It has been designed for similar client update scenarios.
It has two operating modes : refreshOnly and refreshAndPersist.
In the latter case, updates to the synchronization content are
transmitted through a persistent connection between sync server and client,
while in the former, sync clients periodically poll the sync server.
The protocol is available as an I-D and OpenLDAP has a prototype
- Jong

> >> - We need to store *smb.conf* values in LDAP, where those values
> >>   must be consistant across all hosts.  Things like the 'idmap uid/gid'
> >>settings come to mind here.
> Tim Potter wrote:
> > I'm not sure this is such a good idea.  You would have to be very
> > careful with caching and so on [...]
> Novell LDAP had a feature that would allow the content
> of a file to be stored in LDAP, and exported when the
> content changed.
> A colleague, Dimitre Todorov, wrote a perl program which
> read the LDAP comitt log, and whenever it saw an update
> of data it was interested in, did a query and wrote out
> the data in a specified format.  It was to make a non-LDAP-
> aware program behave as if it were storing its config in LDAP.
> This might make it practical to keep smb.conf data in LDAP.

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