Samba 3.0 Schema changes

Ronny Bremer rbremer at
Thu Jun 19 05:11:47 GMT 2003


> If there are two SIDs, this is no longer a single user from NT's
> perspective, but two separate users with a common name.  This will
> confusing and undesirable results when, upon authenticating to one
> domain, a user tries to access resources that were created on behalf
> the SID from the other domain.  What you really want here is domain
> trust, so your single user SID is recognized across multiple

ok, so in order to allow this user to be present in more then one
domain it still holds a single SID and then we need to add trusts to the
domain object? 
Didn't know this, but it will definitely make it much easier ....

In that case we can stick with a single SID for the same user, no
matter how many domains we've got, interesting.



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