[DOCS] projdoc/VFS.xml updates

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Wed Jun 18 11:28:10 GMT 2003

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 07:06:00AM +0200, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote about 'RE: [DOCS] projdoc/VFS.xml updates':
> At 13:58 17.06.2003 -0700, ZINKEVICIUS,MATT (HP-Loveland,ex1) wrote:
> >Hi guys,
> >The document incorrectly states that VFS modules will be loaded from the
> >"lib" dir, when they are actually loaded from the "lib/vfs" dir, according
> >to lib/module.c.

> That's a bug...

> Jelmer, can you fixed that please?

> BTW, the paragraph in my patch was:
>  <para>
> +The modules can be static or shared samba modules.
> +If no module with the specified name can be found,
> +a shared module in $LIBDIR/vfs/name.so will be loaded.
> +</para>

> :-)
I know, but I changed it because of the grammar and
'$LIBDIR' isn't very understandable to users. I'll fix it later today.

How's your example configure for modules patch ?


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