Option Force_Change_Owner

Fabrice Deydier fabrice.deydier at thales-is.com
Tue Jun 17 18:26:12 GMT 2003


I would like to copy files and change the owner of each file, so that
the creator of the file can neither change nor delete the file he created.

I can't use the Root_Post_Exec option because I would like to change
the owner immediatly (after the copy of each file).

So, my questions are :
1 - After reading the manual, I didn't find any function answering my
request. So do you know any function for that ?

2 - If not, is it possible to developp it ? Could you advice me any
design tips (starting from existing function for example) ?

3 - If I developp it, how can I send the code to the Samba community
for validation ?

Thank's for your answers

Best regards


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