Samba compile error and SuSE binary distribution bug

Arne R. van der Heyde vanderHeydeAR at
Tue Jun 17 14:54:37 GMT 2003

There is a bug in the SuSE binary of Tango (versions 2.2.7a and 2.2.8a) 
which prevents some old DOS programs (e.g. Tango PCB, Tango Schem, and 
Brief) from creating files on a Samba share. When these programs attempt 
to create files on a SuSE Samba share, STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED is returned 
if the file does not exist. Other Windows programs and the Windows file 
manager are able to create files on these shares. Also the DOS programs 
can create files on a local Win2k disk or on an SMB network disk on an 
OS/2 server. The bug appears to be in the SuSE binary distribution as I 
do not get this error when I build Samba 2.2.7a, 2.2.8a, or 3.0.beta 
from the source distribution and run it on a test machine running SuSE 
8.2. I do get the error on the test machine when I run the SuSE binaries.

Also, there are bugs in the smbwrapper module which cause its compile to 
fail with errors when Samba is built with the attached configuration.

Could someone provide me with the ./configure settings used to build 
Samba for SuSE 8.2? This will allow me to maybe isolate the option 
causing the problem or at least allow me to build a version which will 
work properly on our file server.

Arne R. van der Heyde
vanderHeydeAR at

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