help needed-urgent

DANDY King dandyking_18 at
Mon Jun 9 02:25:41 GMT 2003

I am new to samba, we uses
for file transfer.  we uses client on windows os and server is Linux OS.

our software have(Digital video recorder) 2 functionality.

1) Local view - recorded data transferd from LOCAL LAN   its works fine.
        -   Recorded data in server(Linux)------------client(windows OS)
            this recorderd data we are playing in client machine.
  working smooth no problem.

2) remote view- recorded data is in remote server, so we have to transfer 
this data to client(windows OS)

  In this case, it is very very slow and some time not working.

can u guide me any tuning of samba or any network problem or can i repalce 
FTP instead of samab

please guide me.


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