port 135

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Sat Jun 7 02:20:02 GMT 2003

>> What is the port 135 used for? NetBios?
>It is not used for NBT.  It has something to do with MS-RPC, but I'm not the
>expert in that area so I don't know for sure.

Port 135 is the well-known TCP/IP endpoint for the DCE RPC endpoint mapping

>From the IDL:

 uuid(e1af8308-5d1f-11c9-91a4-08002b14a0fa), version(3.0),
 endpoint("ncadg_ip_udp:[135]", "ncadg_dds:[12]", "ncacn_ip_tcp:[135]",
          "ncacn_dnet_nsp:[#69]", "ncalrpc:[epmapper]"),
interface ept

-- Luke

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