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On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 09:03:28PM +0300, Eugen SAVIN wrote:
> Dear Sir, 
> Thank you for answering me.
> Also thanka to Andrew.
> I have one more question, nmblookup works fine, I could use some code
> from there.
> What happens when the remote host, that one I want to send a winpopup
> message is located onto a diffrent C class?

What the heck do you mean by a "C class"?  Are you talking about the 
old-fashioned IP address boundaries?  Ignore those.  It all depends upon 
the configuration of your local subnet.

> I will query the remote host with nmblookup and I will obtain a NetBios
> name. After that I will use smbclient -M {hostname}.
> The smbclient will send a broadcast message to the local C class. Am I
> mistaking? 

smbclient will do a name lookup.  How the name lookup is done depends upon 
your smb.conf settings.  Some namelookups require broadcasts.

You can bypass that step using the -I option.  Just use
smbclient -I {IP} -M {hostname}

> The point is: How can I send winpopup messages to a remote windows host
> that does not reside into the same C class the sender is?

First, learn about classless subnets.  We don't use "class C" or "class B"
any more.

Good luck.

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