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Tait Shrum tshrum at bryant.dsc.k12.ar.us
Wed Jun 4 15:22:06 GMT 2003

We use Samba heavily in our schools.  We have one area left that is 
still using Novell Netware 4.11 - our business education dept.  We want 
to move them over to Samba, but they have made us question if samba can 
do some of the things Netware can do.  They want to specify when a user 
logs in.  They have kids logging in during one period, finishing their 
work, then in the following period another kid logs in as their friend 
who just finished the work and copies it.  They don't want that to 
happen next year.

They also are needing some specific group based login scripts.  For 
instance if member of B11G1 then do a bunch of stuff....  Can you do 
that with Samba 2.2.8 or do we have to go with 3.0 alpha.

If you can do these things with the current release of Samba, can you 
tell me how?  Thanks!
Tait Shrum

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