automount and nfs issue or problem with samba

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Wed Jun 4 12:38:14 GMT 2003

	Hi Sirs,

	I don't know if I am at the good place to ask help for the problem I
have been having with Samba 2.2.8a. If any body can answer the question it
will be much appreciated.

	I installed Samba 2.2.8a with the latest security patch on a SUN
Solaris 2.6 operating system. I use samba has a mediator or relay between
Unix world and Window world. It gave me one single point  of access to the
unix side of the house and use the unix automounter to do the job, which it
does it very nicely . I set on my server gold in /etc/auto_direct file with
the some of the following entry:

	/softcopy	-rsize=4096,wsize=4096 bach:/softcopy
	/product		-rsize=4096,wsize=4096 calvin:/product
	/shared		-rsize=4096,wsize=4096 gold:/common
	... on and on

	On bach and calvin they have the appropriate setting in the
/etc/dfs/dfstab for sharing. On gold where I have samba configure I  set the
following entries in my smb.conf:

		workgroup = empire
		netbios name = gold
		server string = Samba server on gold
		security = share
		log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
		max log size = 100
		wins support = yes
		kernel oplocks = no
		hosts allow = 131.134.
		guest account = %u

		comment = Product Directory
		path = /product
		read only = no
		guest ok = yes
		create mask = 0775

		comment = softcopy on bach
		path = /softcopy
		read only = no
		create mask = 0775
		guest ok = no
		browseable = no
	.... on and on

	Here is my problem. When I copy files from product to softcopy
directory (which they are automount by gold automounter) in the Windows
environment, the procedure is very lenghty, it takes very long time to copy
couple of 100mb (50 to 60 mins and sometime more). But when I do the same
procedure but in the Unix environment, meaning on gold I copy the same files
from product to softcopy it takes only a couple of minutes (5 to 10 mins).
Also if I set bach with samba with all the appropriate setting in the
smb.conf and in the windows environment I connect directely to
bach:/softcopy instead of gold:/softcopy it work very fast for the same
files (5 to 10 mins).
	Here is my question: proven the fact that the automounter or nfs are
fine and that all facts point to have a problem with samba. Is there any
related problem know with samba and automounter or nfs on a solaris

	Thank you in advance for the cooperation and helping in this

Network administrator 

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