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Thu Jul 31 21:05:11 GMT 2003

Jerry et al:

THANK YOU for your efforts!  Here's what I've discovered so far with this

  +-- CAMP (mixed-mode)
  +-- KAMA (mixed-mode)
       +-- JAYA (native-mode)

Mixed-mode DCs

I know you said it must be native mode, but the DCs I was using were mixed
mode so I did some testing there first (once you change to native mode, you
can't go back).  I had 2 mixed-mode DCs that are both Win2000 SP3.

The mixed-mode DCs basically acted like previous builds except that
enumerating users/groups showed them from all transitive trusts if "Allow
trusted domains" is enabled.  That's nice.  Authentication works as before,
i.e., authenticates against the DC and its parent.  

wbinfo -m shows the same (self and parent), but wbinfo --sequence shows
sequence numbers from transitive trusts, too (if "Allow trusted domains" is

Native-mode DCs

If "Allow trusted domains" is enabled, all users/groups on all transitive
trusts are displayed.  Authentication works on all transitive trusts.  Yea!

If "Allow trusted domains" is disabled, only users/groups in the domain
joined show up.  Also, authentication only works on the joined domain.

Wish List

Is that how it *should* work?  Is there any way to enumerate users/groups
from the joined domain but authenticate against any domain?

We have a customer with 650+ domains.  Clearly, enumerating all those
suckers will be painful.  But if we join a "resource" domain, we'd want to
be able to authenticate against an "authentication" domain (that has all the
user accounts).

Also, do you think working with mixed-mode DCs is feasible?

Regardless, it's a big step forward -- thanks again.  


Ken Cross

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> On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, Ken Cross wrote:
> > Samba-folk:
> > 
> > I'm having trouble authenticating through transitive trusts
> other than
> > parent-child configurations.
> > 
> > I have an Active Directory with SUPTRA at the top and 2 other AD
> > servers, KAMA and CAMP, so KAMA and CAMP have an implicit 
> transitive
> > trust.
> > 
> > 1. If Samba joins SUPTRA (the top), it can authenticate against any
> > domain.
> > 
> > 2. If Samba joins KAMA, it can authenticate against KAMA and/or
> > SUPTRA, but not CAMP.  wbinfo -u shows users from all 3 
> servers, but
> > wbinfo -m only shows SUPTRA.
> > 
> > If I set up an explicit 2-way trust between KAMA and CAMP,
> everything
> > authenticates OK.  That's not practical in larger
> enterprises, though.
> > 
> > Is there some trick to using transitive trusts (SAMBA_3_0)?
> I think I've fixed this in winbindd in the lates SAMBA_3_0 cvs code.  
> Would you mind testing it an letting me know?   Only catch is 
> the domain
> the Samba box is joined to has to be a native mode domain.  
> Doesn't matter for the others.
> We might still have problems with getting a wk/xp client to use
> kerberos to authenticate but that doesn't stopthe trusts from 
> working. I tested your exact scenario and several others and 
> everything seemed to work out ok.
> cheers, jerry
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