custom VFS module

jason rexilius jrexilius at
Thu Jul 31 18:42:55 GMT 2003

  I am interested in interjecting a piece of logic into SMB file sharing 
activity and believe that a VFS module would be the right way to go ( maybe? 
).  If that is the case then I have two questions (forgive me if these are 
dumb, I have done some searching):

1) Does there already exist a module that can exec a foreign executable upon 
reads, writes, creates, deletes of a file? (i.e. if i wanted to have a perl 
routine send an email everytime a user deleted a file, an example ignore the 
obvious performance issues).

2) If not, and I needed to code my own, would I start with the "skel" 

  What I am actually trying to do is interject a simple versioning and 
locking function into writes and deletes that is compatible with the 
routines I have in a web based file manager I wrote.  The objective is 
simple filesharing with locking and versioning accessible via web or locally 
shared drives.

  If this does not exist and I start coding it I would probably create a VFS 
module that could be configured to exec foreign objects so that others could 
use it.  Does this sound reasonable?

  Thanks in advance for any help you coan offer.

-Jason Rexilius

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