File Size (EOF) and Allocation Size

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu Jul 31 16:45:06 GMT 2003

At 11:33 31.07.2003 -0500, Steven French wrote:

> > and
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>Your postings seem to describe multiple issues -
>1) sparse files & exceeding quota (or getting disk full) - I find it
>interesting how Linux filesystems like JFS can automatically treat regions
>of files as sparse but this is normally transparent as long as the app
>doesn't get confused at the concept of getting out of disk space writing to
>the middle of a file.
>2) mapping POSIX to NT STATUS return codes properly on exceeding quota so
>explorer doesn't get confused copying files (it may turn out that the
>problem with explorer is actually not the return code mapping but failing
>deleting the target file after copy failure)
>Although this is not something I have noticed it is fairly easy to
>experiment with by setting Quotas on Windows 200x and Samba and comparing
>network behavior on file copies.  In any case explicit support for setting
>quotas remotely was a feature that I want to add to the cifs vfs eventually

sounds nice, so repquota and setquota will work then with cifs vfs, right?

>and that would be a good chance to explore error mapping issues and also I
>need to educate myself on the issue of v2 versus v3 quotas in kernel and
>what Samba really supports.
how does samba belongs to this???

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