PROPOSAL: remove non -U password argument option from smbclient

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Jul 30 00:08:54 GMT 2003

While looking at a bug in the smbclient tar option I discovered 
a weird fact about smbclient.  The synopsis from the manual page is:

smbclient servicename [ password ] [ other args...]

If there is a non-option argument after the service name it will be
treated as a password.  Does anyone want to keep this behaviour?  
There's a bug at the moment where the password must be specified as 
the second argument and the one specified with -U doesn't work.

I think we should stick with the standard ways of specifying usernames
and passwords (-U user%pass, $USER environment variable) rather than
having special behaviour for smbclient.  It could break existing
scripts though.  


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