winbind/kerberos with multiple DCs fail to authenticate

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Jul 25 20:40:25 GMT 2003

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On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Adrian Chung wrote:

> Well, I've just done some more testing, and with both DC's in my
> krb5.conf and both listed in 'password server =', everything's working
> just fine.
> I apologize for the interruption.  I've been having intermittent
> trouble with winbindd just suddenly refusing to authenticate AD users
> until it's restarted, but I'm going to try and collect a level 3 log
> to see if it will shed more light on the situation.  I notice that
> when it happens, wbinfo --sequence says "DOMAIN: disconnected" instead
> of a sequence number, although it can still query either the users or
> groups in the domain, but usually not both, and wbinfo -t works fine.

Are you working out of the 3.0 CVS code tree?  I'm cleaning up small 
things as I find them and there were a couple related to winbindd and AD 
recently.  Mostly with locating domain controllers for trusted doamins.

cheers, jerry
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