[PATCH] spnego_auth

Anthony Liguori aliguor at us.ibm.com
Fri Jul 25 19:15:12 GMT 2003


In our quest for the elusive AD domain controller, we came across the need 
to implement a GSS-SPNEGO sasl plugin.

Here's a first attempt at a spnego_auth helper program that will allow 
SPNEGO negotiations to occur over stdout/stdin.  This probably isn't very 
useful to anything else right now but it might make sense to perhaps add 
spnego support to ntlm_auth or something to combine the two.

At any rate, you'll notice that I wrote a small SPNEGO lib.  The 
libsmb/clispnego.c isn't very useful outside of smbd and it doesn't have 
full coverage of SPNEGO.  If there's interested, perhaps when HEAD gets 
into order I could begin porting smbd to use these SPNEGO routines...

Anthony Liguori
Linux/Active Directory Interoperability
Linux Technology Center (LTC) - IBM Austin
E-mail: aliguor at us.ibm.com
Phone: (512) 838-1208
Tie Line: 678-1208

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