creating accounts in ldap with smbpasswd?

Lars Grobe grobe at
Fri Jul 25 16:51:47 GMT 2003

It is getting quite complicated... I am just setting up 
a ldap server that is to hold our user accounts. Those 
are to be used a authentication for our windows (via samba 3), 
solaris and mac os x clients. afaik I should use the new 
samba 3 schema, right? I suppose that all tools dealing with 
samba accounts that will be developed in future will use 
the new schema. However, all existing tools are for 2.2 schema. 
What are you using to maintain your account databases? 
I read that smbpasswd handles everything to create accounts in 
ldap. Does this mean it creates posix and samba accounts? I 
ask this as I also read that accounts are needed in /etc/passwd, 
but this doesn't make sense - I don't want accounts in ldap AND 
passwd. Will smbpasswd -a create all data necessary for an unix 
account (home, password, shell, id etc) AND all the special samba 
stuff (nt-password, logondrive etc)? 
I hope this question is not too stupid, but I want to jump into 
the ldap adventure now that samba comes closer to 3.0... and 
our new file server is waiting to get into production :-) 
TIA+CU, Lars. 

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