Use an EA to store dos attributes

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Thu Jul 24 18:08:28 GMT 2003

If you have a patch please post it, it has been also on my wishlist for
looong time now.


On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 19:49, Marc Kaplan wrote:
> Jeremy,
> Now that we're using EAs where available to store whether the file/folder's
> ACL was inherited, can we also consider storing the dos attributes in an EA,
> rather than masking the file permissions? It seems like a cleaner solution
> then changing ACLs/perms (on Read-only set)/looking for some magical
> combination of Perms/ACLs (to present Read-only). There are other situations
> where this would also help, for example: the hidden attribute cannot be set
> on directories (actually, I'm having trouble getting it to stick on files
> too!). If the system has extended attributes, why not use them for this
> purpose?
> Actually, I just searched through my old Samba Technical mail, and I found
> that you said that you were considering it for 3.0 (mail sent on: Friday
> 3/21/03). If you do want it in 3.0, would you accept a patch? Or do you want
> to do this work your self?
> Thanks!
> 			-Marc
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