Use an EA to store dos attributes

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at
Thu Jul 24 17:49:52 GMT 2003


Now that we're using EAs where available to store whether the file/folder's
ACL was inherited, can we also consider storing the dos attributes in an EA,
rather than masking the file permissions? It seems like a cleaner solution
then changing ACLs/perms (on Read-only set)/looking for some magical
combination of Perms/ACLs (to present Read-only). There are other situations
where this would also help, for example: the hidden attribute cannot be set
on directories (actually, I'm having trouble getting it to stick on files
too!). If the system has extended attributes, why not use them for this

Actually, I just searched through my old Samba Technical mail, and I found
that you said that you were considering it for 3.0 (mail sent on: Friday
3/21/03). If you do want it in 3.0, would you accept a patch? Or do you want
to do this work your self?



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