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Wed Jul 23 12:51:23 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 16:11, Andrey Gordienko wrote:
> Hello samba-technical,
>   Can you explain me please:
>  if NetWkstaGetInfo(FWServerName,100, at Info)<>0 then
>  Exit;
>  S:=Info.wki100_computername;
>  If I try to connect to Windows servers all ok I can
>  get name of computer - but if I want to check Samba
>  servers I allways have Exit and cant get name of computer.

If that call is making a 'LANMAN' RAP call, then it is highly likely
that Samba does not implement it correctly.  Given how little this
particular sub-protocol is used, there has not been the demand for Samba
to implement it.

A comparative ethereal trace would assist in demonstrating the
difference - and you could make patches to smbd/lanman.c if indeed that
is the issue.  You might also find the Samba-TNG has a more complete

If it is an RPC call that is being used, then I would suggest trying
again with Samba 3.0, which implements more of these calls.

Andrew Bartlett

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