Samba E150

Todd Johnson toddj at
Tue Jul 22 19:25:08 GMT 2003


Im a bit ne2 here so please bear with me. We are running Samba 2.2.2 on 
an older Sun E150 (shes ancient) with about 350megs of Ram. We are 
having a serious time with some of our SMB shares not responding. We 
have about 230+ users accessing this server for Samba access to other 
NFS shares (last count about 50+) around our network. Most of these 
connections I see are sleeping. The users currently mapping to samba 
shares are still having problems where explorer locks up on some shares 
like the server is not responding or the network share is unavailable.

I will be updatting to the newest release this evening in hopes that 
maybe this might help. I have my doubts. Do you think the server is just 
to slow to handle these SMB requests?

Thank you

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