Windows authentication methods (probably a FAQ)

Antti Andreimann Antti.Andreimann at
Sun Jul 20 03:42:44 GMT 2003


In recent times I have had to dig deep into the wonderful world of windows
authentication methods and to be honest It seems like an awful mess to me.
Can someone who knows the topic a bit better correct me on the following
and shed some light into my confused mind:

Windows can use the following authentication methods:
1. Plaintext passwords (also known as LM or lanmanager??)
2. NTLMv1. Is this the same as "encrypted passwords?"
3. NTDOM (SAM???). How is this related to NTLM?
4. NTLMv2. Is this basically LM or NTLM in an encrypted tunnel?
5. Kerberos tickets. Standard protocol with M$ own extension to carry NT
"user identifiers". Altzheimer (or is it just a bad memory chip in my
brain) keeps me from remembering how they were called.
6. Something I have missed?

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