samba.spec for RedHat 9 ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Thu Jul 17 13:36:40 GMT 2003

Greetings ...

    Not a big problem, but seeing that is to do with package creation, I 
throught it best to ask here ...

    First, just download beta3 and was creating an rpm for my system 
with the little changes that I make when I found one problem and a 
second question ...

    in the spec file for RedHat, I see MANDIR_MACRO, which is not 
defined any where, I have used the changes from beta2

    And the question, line 130,

    BINDIR=$%{prefix}/bin \

    Do we have to have dollar sign there, just thinking about keeping 
everything the same.  I have tested without and it seems to compile and 
rpm fine.


P.S. Most excellent work Team ...


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